Deutsch Klub!

Club Advisor:

Frau Hecht

Club Officers:

President:  Abigail Stall
Secretary:  Erica Sudhoff
Historian:  Zach Kahlig
German Four: Jamie Wenning, Erica Jutte, Christina Seas
German Three: Kane Kallenberger, Alanna Severt
German Two: Amber Stoltz, Dustin Seger
German One: Adam Stall, Joe Wenning

Mission Statement:

To provide Coldwater students opportunities outside of the classroom setting to further develop their understanding of, appreciation for, and personal interests in the German culture and its influence in the Coldwater community as well as around the world. 


  • To provide a supportive environment which will foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among the Coldwater students interested in German language and culture.
  • To promote Coldwater students' personal and academic interests related to the study of German language, culture, and history.
  • To provide a connection for many of the Coldwater students to their own German heritage.

Fundraising Projects:
Junior High Volleyball Concessions
Junior High Girls' and Boys' Basketball Concessions