Resident Educator

The Ohio Resident Educator Program began in 2011. It is a four-year induction system of support and mentoring for new teachers. Successful completion of the residency program is required for new teachers to qualify for a five-year professional educator license. The Ohio Resident Educator Program is the first steps on a path of continued professional learning, leading educators to more effective practices and excellence in teaching. It is designed to fit alongside the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), with clear connections between the two.

The residency provides new teachers with formal and informal professional development opportunities that are responsive to both the developmental needs of beginning teachers and district priorities. Individualized and differentiated professional development occurs between resident educators and their mentors through regular, ongoing interactions.

Coldwater has had numerous teachers successfully complete the Ohio Resident Educator Program. The district currently has two resident educators on staff. They are as follows:

Year Two: 

Christy Buening, Elementary

Lexi Hemmelgarn, Elementary

Year Three:

Olivia Wenning, Elementary

Ashley Klingshirn, Elementary

Teachers today begin their careers with four-year Resident Educator licenses. During this time, they must complete all four years of the Ohio Resident Educator Program and successfully pass the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) to qualify for a five-year professional license.  The assessment calls for Resident Educators to demonstrate their ability to design and implement instruction that engages students in complex thinking and uses formative and summative assessments to inform their teaching practices.