Early Entrance to School

In keeping with our district mission to "guarantee the best education for all students", the Coldwater Exempted Village School District is dedicated to making educational decisions that will best serve the children in our community.  Because we recognize that students learn and progress at different rates, we believe that all children, including advanced learners, should be appropriately challenged and supported to reach their full potential.  For our youngest students, one way to accomplish this is by providing access to school at an earlier than typical age.

Early entrance to school is not appropriate for most children.  It is designed to meet the needs of the exceptional child who possesses superior ability, is academically advanced, and is developmentally mature as compared to others of the same chronological age.   For academically talented young children, early entrance to school may be an excellent option.  

For more information, see our district Early Entrance publications:

A Parent's Guide to Early Entrance to School  brochure

Parent Information for Early Entrance to School  packet with referral information