District- Wide

Coldwater Exempted Village Schools use a variety of district and state-mandated assessments to track student progress.  One assessment tool utilized district-wide (K-12) is called STAR Enterprise, which provides valid, reliable, actionable data in the least amount of testing time—usually 20 minutes or less.  STAR uses computer-adaptive technology and extensive item calibration to give you an accurate window into each student’s academic progress.  There are three STAR assessments used within the district:

  • STAR Early Literacy aides in determining early literacy and numeracy progress for emerging readers.
  • STAR Reading contains research-based test items that provide data in four major skill areas: foundational skills, reading informational text, reading literature, and language.
  • STAR Math measures hundreds of math skills organized into closely related skill areas.

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Coldwater Elementary

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) must be administered to all first-time kindergarten students. The KRA has six areas: social skills (including social and emotional development, and approaches toward learning), language and literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and physical well-being and motor development.  The test window for the KRA in school year 2015-2016 is the first day of school through the first of November. Click here to read ODE's Family Tips document on the KRA.

Coldwater Elementary is required to administer diagnostic tests each year in reading to students in grades kindergarten through grade 3, mathematics to students in grades 1-2, and writing to students in grades 1-3.  The reading diagnostic must be administered by September 30 for grades 1-3 and by November 1 for kindergarten.  Coldwater Elementary uses STAR as our diagnostic test for grades 1-3.  The language and literacy portion of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment is used as the diagnostic test for our kindergarten students.  There is no prescribed deadline for the mathematics and writing diagnostics.  Coldwater Elementary uses state-developed diagnostics for these two academic areas.    

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

CEVS must annually assess the reading skills of each student in grades K-3.  The diagnostics for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee (TGRG) must be given by September 30 for grades one, two, and three and November 1 for kindergarten each year.  The results of these diagnostic tests determine whether a child is considered on track or not on track in reading.  A child will be considered on track at the beginning of each grade if the child is reading at the level set by Ohio’s Learning Standards for the end of the previous grade.  For each student that is not on track, a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan (RIMP) must be developed, citing the research-based reading intervention strategies targeted at the student’s identified reading deficiencies that are being used in the classroom.  

The ability to read is the foundation of all learning. Research shows that children who are not reading at a third-grade level by the end of grade three are likely to have difficulty learning in all classroom subjects in higher grades.  Struggling readers greatly benefit from their families’ involvement and help at home. The following links will help you provide the needed support to your young developing readers.

Ohio’s State Tests

Federal and state laws require all districts to test all students in specific grades and courses.   There is no law that allows a parent or student to opt out of state testing, nor is there a state test opt-out procedure or form.  If a parent withdraws their child from participation in certain state tests, there may be consequences for the child, the child’s teacher, and the school and district.  State achievement tests tell us how well Coldwater’s students are growing in the knowledge and skills outlined in Ohio’s Learning Standards. These tests help guide and strengthen future teaching so we can be sure that we are preparing our students for long-term success in school, college, careers, and life. Test results also allow citizens to know how their local schools are performing compared to others around the state.  Ohio has worked to improve its tests for this school year based partly on parent feedback. You will continue to see your child’s critical-thinking, problem-solving, and writing skills tested, in addition to your child’s subject knowledge.  

The following tests will be given at grade levels 3-8.


language arts



Social Studies

Grade 3



Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7



Grade 8

Classes of 2018 and beyond – End-of-course tests in English language arts I and II, algebra I, geometry (or integrated mathematics I and II), biology or physical science (class of 2018 only), American history and American government

Classes of 2015-2017 – Ohio Graduation Tests and end-of-course tests in American history and American government.

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